Bee Removal

They may be tiny, but what insects lack in size they make up for with strength in numbers. Never underestimate resilient bees, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets, the damage they can cause to you or your property can be serious. Whether unwelcome honeybee’s have taken up residence in your home’s siding, or a hive of aggressive yellow jackets decided to colonize under your roof’s eaves.

For any and all of your bee and hornet removal problems give ASAP Wildlife Control and Removal a call and we will take care of the issue for you quickly and clean up any mess that they may have left behind. We will make sure to take the proper steps to ensure that the unwanted guests never return again. So if your home is swarming, don’t wait, give us a call ASAP!

Includes removal of:

  • Honeybees
  • Wasps
  • Hornets
  • Yellow Jackets
  • Ground Bees
  • Carpenter Bees