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Hearing stories of fellow homeowners or business owners experiencing wildlife infestation issues makes you never want one of your own. However, if you don’t do your due diligence of prevention, you yourself could experience the same kind of wildlife issue.

If you’ve been hearing a light pitter patter in your ceiling, scratching in your walls, or you’ve seen damage to your gutterline or roof, you could have a wildlife problem on your hands. In order to safely and quickly get rid of the issue, call the wildlife removal professionals at ASAP Wildlife Control & Removal.

Our team of wildlife removal specialists provide exceptional animal removal and exclusion services for both homeowners and business owners in the Carrboro area. As we’ve served this area for many years now, we know the animals that are common to this area and which ones are threats to homes. With our knowledge of area wildlife, best removal methods and utilization of quality equipment, we will be able to effectively take care of your wildlife situation.

Wildlife Removal Services

Raccoon Removal in Chapel Hill NC

Whatever your situation is, we’ve likely seen it before. Whether you’re hearing weird sounds in your attic, noticing damage to your roof, or any other oddity, our professional wildlife control technicians can determine what kind of animal you’re dealing with and how to best remove and exclude the animal. Many times, homeowners and business owners deal with raccoons trying to break into attics and soffit areas, bats getting into attics, possums or skunks finding a home underneath a deck, or even squirrels finding their way into walls.

Other creatures we deal with, in this area and others, include:

After our experienced team has removed the animal from your home, we will make sure to remove or treat the affected areas where the animal was located. Oftentimes, animals such as bats, rats, raccoons and other creatures will leave behind urine and feces which will mean that you need new insulation in the areas where they were located. We will also provide wildlife exclusion to prevent these animals from reentering your home.

Get Rid Of Wildlife From Your Carrboro Property

If you’re experiencing a wildlife infestation at your home in the greater Carrboro area, contact the wildlife removal and exclusion experts at ASAP Wildlife Control & Removal. Our team will make sure that you receive high-end customer service along with an effective wildlife removal service. Call us today!

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