Effective Bat Removal In Chapel Hill, NC

ASAP Wildlife Control and Removal offers:

  • Bat Removal
  • Bat Control
  • Bat Exclusion
  • Bat Damage Repair & Cleanup

While bats can be fascinating creatures, they can also carry harmful diseases, such as rabies and coronaviruses, along with potentially wreaking havoc on your home or business. Some people ignore bats near their home until they become a noticeable issue, others may try to take care of the problem themselves, and others yet may hire an inexperienced friend to help with the bat removal. At ASAP Wildlife Control and Removal, we understand you have invested a great deal of time, energy and money into your property. In order to best treat your bat control situation, you need to make sure it is professionally done with quality, safety and efficiency. Let the bat removal experts at ASAP Wildlife Control and Removal help you with your bat infestation. Our professional bat specialists can repair any damages left by the bats and return a peace of mind to your home..

Where Do Bats Hide?

Bat removal in Chapel Hill North carolinaIf you have only seen bats around your home at night, but never discovered where they were living, there is a good chance their home is closer than you think. You may be concerned there are bats in your attic, which is a common place for them to roost because it provides them with a safe, disruption-free place to sleep. These creatures sometimes find other places to sleep during the day hours, such as behind shutters, underneath your soffit or inside old siding. If you think you have a bat infestation in your house, call the bat removal experts at ASAP Wildlife Control and Removal.

What Does the Bat Removal Service Provide?

When you’re in need of a bat control service, you want to bring in the most experienced bat control professionals who can humanely remove the animals using the proper tools and techniques to ensure the infestation doesn’t happen again. Our extermination experts have incredible knowledge of the wildlife issues in the greater Chapel Hill, NC and Richmond, VA areas, and bat problems are a specialty of theirs. The highly trained bat removal professionals safely handle all aspects of the bat exclusion process from the moment you call until the final animal damage repairs are completed on your house or business.

It’s important to us that we leave your home better than when we found it because we know that bats can leave incredible damage behind. At ASAP Wildlife Control & Removal, our certified team has the skills to repair and clean the bat-damaged area. Leaving the home looking clean and safe after the bat removal service isn’t the end of our process though. Along with providing basic clean up services, we take it one step further and take care of any odor, bat droppings (guano), and other problems that may have been left behind.

What Are the Next Steps After Discovering Bat Problems?

If you’ve discovered a bat problem at your home or business in the greater Chapel Hill, NC or Richmond, VA area, contact the experienced bat removal team at ASAP Wildlife Control and Removal. Our talented team is happy to answer any and all of your questions about our high quality bat control services.

ASAP Wildlife Control & Removal proudly offers bat removal services in Carrboro, Durham, Hillsborough and Mebane, NC and other surrounding areas. 

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