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Groundhog Control In Chapel Hill, NC

Looking like a large marmot or muskrat, these creatures can create a lot of damage to your home’s lawn.

Groundhog removal services - ASAP WildlifeMeasuring roughly 15 pounds and up to 2 feet in length, groundhogs, otherwise known as woodchucks, are large rodents often found in open areas which lie next to wooded areas. While they explore the open area during the daytime in search of food, they return to their wooded areas for protection during the night. It’s in these areas, both in open areas and in wooded areas, that groundhogs dig large burrows which can be seen by the resulting dirt mounds on the grassy surface. This dirt mound can be a nuisance to your lawn, but the main nuisance comes when they eat shrubs, berries and grass.

Home Groundhog Removal Services

If you think you may have a ground hog problem at your home in the greater Chapel Hill area, it’s important to call ASAP Wildlife Control & Removal right away. If left untreated, these groundhogs will continue to ravage your landscaping and lawn.

Groundhog trapping services - ASAP WildlifeWith our second-to-none groundhog removal services, you can be sure that you will have your groundhog issues cleared up once and for all. In order to remove these damaging creatures from your property, we will first make our way out to your house and assess where the groundhog is located and the best tactics of removing it. We will then apply specific groundhog removal strategies in order to humanely trap the creature. Once we have trapped the groundhog, we will transport it far away from your home to its habitat and release it back into the wild.

To prevent future infestations from this groundhog or others in the area, we suggest building fences around your home gardens or apply animal repellent to the areas of your yard you’re wanting to protect. Though groundhogs are annoying little creatures, it’s possible to keep them away from your home.

To learn more about getting rid of groundhogs at your home in the greater Chapel Hill, NC area, contact ASAP Wildlife Control & Removal today! Our trusted wildlife removal technicians are ready to help!

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