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While oftentimes mistaken for beavers while swimming through lakes, ponds or marsh areas, muskrats are their own creature, and one which can cause a great amount of damage.

Muskrats are rodents which can grow to be just shy of two feet in length and grow to be almost five pounds in weight. Although fairly unsuspecting of causing incredible damage, these creatures are known for digging burrows into the sides of ponds and marshes which can lead to incredible shoreline damage. Along with this habit, these creatures usually feed on local vegetation which may include aquatic plants such as cattails, duckweed and various other plants. While their nuisance usually affects only the shorelines of ponds and marshes, muskrats can also make their way into homeowners yards. 

Trusted Muskrat Removal

Muskrat removal companyIf you have been noticing damage on your shoreline or unusually fast erosion, this is a good sign that you may have a muskrat issue. In order to get rid of it before its burrow grows any larger, it’s best to call a wildlife removal professional as soon as you can to remove it from your yard or pond. To complete this removal project, the best bet will be to utilize a live trap. This trap can be placed very close to the shoreline because of this area being its main habitat.

Additionally, if you see one muskrat, it’s a very good sign that there will likely be more than just the one critter as they usually live in larger communities. Even in the cooler winter months, these critters will be out and about, which makes it possible to trap these creatures in nearly all moments of the year.

Whatever season it may be that you’re experiencing a muskrat infestation, our muskrat removal technicians will get rid of the animal quickly and efficiently. Call ASAP Wildlife Control & Removal today to get your rodent problem taken care of as soon as possible!

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