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Beaver Removal In Chapel Hill, NC

Beaver Damage in North CarolinaWhile this creature is an amazing mammal, it can cause an incredible amount of damage to your home or businesses property if given the opportunity.

Beavers weigh roughly between 35 and 70 lbs. and have many defining features about them. One of them is their paddle tail which is used as a rudder when swimming or to stabilize itself while chewing on a tree. This leads to the next unique characteristic which is its incredible teeth. These wood cutters are known for being able to fall trees in order to create their lodges in ponds, marshes or many other bodies of water.

Beaver Removal Needs

As a homeowner located near a body of water, the threat of experiencing beaver damage to the trees around you is very high. In order to build their lodges, often called “beaver dams”, they gnaw on nearby trees to make them fall and then chew them into smaller pieces to build the lodge with. This can be extremely damaging if you’re wanting to keep your current tree line.

Beaver Removal Services - ASAP Wildlife ControlIn order to remove this threat from your property, the skilled beaver removal experts will come out to your property and analyze the affected area to determine where the beaver regularly travels. After performing this initial assessment, we will develop a suitable plan and oftentimes humanely trap the beaver. We will then relocate the creature away from your home to its natural habitat where it will still be able to create its lodge without affecting your home.

If your home is experiencing damage beaver problems, it’s time to call North Carolina’s finest beaver removal and trapping experts. Our experienced team will be sure to provide you with the best services possible.

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