Flying Squirrel Control & Removal Services

ASAP Wildlife Control and Removal offers:

  • Flying Squirrel Removal
  • Flying Squirrel Control
  • Flying Squirrel Exclusion
  • Flying Squirrel Damage Repair & Cleanup

Oftentimes adored by their small stature and neat ability to fly, flying squirrels can cause quite a ruckus if they make their way into your home!

Flying Squirrel Removal ServicesWhile these little critters seem small and not capable of much, they actually are incredible creatures because of their ability to soar from tree branch to tree branch. Only measuring about 6 inches long and up to 6 ounces in weight, flying squirrels can be mistaken for chipmunks if quickly glanced at. However, they’re usually a gray-ish, brown color and have extra skin between their front and hind legs in order to soar through the air as they stretch out.

Flying Squirrel Home Removal

They’re cute and innocent-looking, but they often can cause their fair share of nuisance as they find their way into home attics or even walls as they search for shelter. While inside, flying squirrels will chew wires, tear through insulation, give birth to their litter and try to gnaw their way out of your house via windows, walls, etc.

In order to remove these animals from your home, a professional wildlife removal expert must be called. Here at ASAP Wildlife Control & Removal, we specialize in removing flying squirrels from area homes and have become very effective in doing so. In order to remove these critters, we will either enter the affected area (oftentimes attics), or set up one-way doors to allow the squirrel(s) to leave the area, but not be able to return. 

Flying Squirrel Trapping ServicesOnce this process has proven effective, we will enter the affected area and perform clean up and disinfection services as there is oftentimes urine, feces and destroyed insulation as a result of their presence. Once the cleanup process has completed we will perform exclusion services to make sure your home is secure and flying squirrels won’t be able to enter your home any more.

If you’re needing our professional flying squirrel removal services for your home in the greater Chapel Hill, NC area, contact our team today! The wildlife removal experts at ASAP Wildlife Control & Removal are ready to help!

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