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Voles look very similar to its rodent counterparts, but its lifestyle is very different. Additionally, these creatures do not look like moles, even though their names sound alike. However, much like moles, they spend their life outdoors and are known for causing trouble in lawns and gardens as they tunnel underground to keep their food and give birth to their litter (5-10 times a year).

These rodents don’t live all too long, but they make the most of it while they’re alive. Their presence can be found via the trails they create in grassy areas, and you can also see where they’ve been by observing the areas of grass which are beginning to die. While the roots of grass may be a popular food source for these rodents, they will also go after the root systems of small trees, shrubs and garden plants.

To get rid of these nuisance voles from your property’s lawn in the Chapel Hill area, it’s best to call a professional vole removal technician. Because these rodents are difficult to trap without proper knowledge of their habits, a simple DIY solution isn’t always possible. Instead, the team at ASAP Wildlife Control and Removal will inspect where the vole has been traveling and develop a plan to trap and remove these troublesome creatures. 

Vole Damage Prevention

vole removal services - ASAP WildlifeIf you’re wanting to prevent voles from affecting your plants or shrubs, there are a couple great tips to remember. The first option is to circle your younger trees with a metal tree guard. This will prevent the voles from accessing your tree’s young trunk in order to gnaw on its bark. Another option is to dig your garden fencing 6-12 inches below the ground to prevent the vole from digging under or through the fence and into your garden where they will cause a lot of damage.

To ensure the best protection from and removal of voles from your lawn, it’s time to call ASAP Wildlife Control and Removal. Contact our vole removal experts today!

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