ASAP Wildlife Control & Removal Services

ASAP Wildlife Control and Removal is a fully insured wildlife control service company which serves residents in the greater Chapel Hill, NC and Richmond, VA area who have experienced the effects of a rodent, pest or wildlife invasion at their home. Our highly trained and adequately licensed wildlife control experts know exactly how to treat your home for whatever pest has made its way onto your property. 

Over the past 20 years of our services, our professional wildlife removal technicians have developed the best strategies to remove these unwanted creatures. During each project, we use the most humane removal techniques possible as we rarely use chemicals or other harmful elements in our work.

Here are the invasive creatures we work to remove from your home:

Bee Removal

They may be tiny, but what insects lack in size they make up for with strength in numbers. Never underestimate resilient insects and the damage they can cause to you or your property.

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Snake Removal

No one likes dealing with snake(s), its understandable. Never fear snake(s) again, instead give ASAP Wildlife Control and Removal a call for any of your snake(s) removal needs!

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Bird Removal

Usually you don't think of birds as being a wildlife issue, but sometimes they find places into your home or office to nest that they shouldn't. Not only can a bird infestation create quite an annoying mess to your property, but if not treated immediately it can also cause extensive damage as well.

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Mammal Removal

ASAP Wildlife Control and Removal is Richmond Virginia's and Chapel Hill North Carolina's best choice for any and all of your mammal removal services. Whether you have bats in the attic, a pesky rodent problem, or a curious opossum snooping around where it shouldn't.

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Bat Removal

Have you spotted bats on your property? Don't try to tackle the problem on your own. The longer you live with bats, the more exposed you'll be to the diseases they might carry. At ASAP Wildlife Control and Removal, we offer reliable bat control services for customers in Richmond, VA and Chapel Hill, NC.

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