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Raccoon Removal in Chapel Hill NCWildlife infestations are a situation that no homeowner ever wishes to experience. However, for many residents in the Hillsborough area, this is something many people unfortunately go through. If you are currently experiencing an infestation by a bat, rat, squirrel or any other outdoor critter, it’s time to contact Hillsborough’s premier wildlife removal company today!

ASAP Wildlife Control & Removal specializes in providing the highest quality wildlife removal, remediation and exclusion services for residents of Hillsborough, NC. Because of our extensive service in this city for many years, our team knows exactly what critters affect homes during each season. Due to our first-hand experience and high quality training through the years, we are a trusted wildlife removal company that is more than capable of attending to your wildlife infestation.

Wildlife Removal Company

Snake trapping professionalsHave you been noticing a rustling in your attic area with a pitter patter sound of small feet? Maybe you’ve heard scratching in your walls by an unknown animal. Possibly, you’ve noticed damage in your crawl space due to an animal that wanted to enter into safety. Whatever the situation is, our team will handle the issue quickly and safely.

In the greater Hillsborough area, we get many calls from homeowners who have bats roosting in the attic area, a raccoon in their attic or soffit, possums in their crawlspace, along with many other situations. Other calls we receive deal with other wildlife problems such as squirrels, moles, snakes, birds, wasps, muskrats, and many other creatures.

After our team has removed the offending animal(s) from your home, we will then provide an equally important remediation service. This is because the critter likely caused damage to your home – i.e. destroyed insulation, chew through wires, damaged your shingles, etc. – and could then let in other animals. Then, after removing the damaged materials, we will then complete the job by performing an exclusionary service which will make sure no animal will enter your home through the same hole.

Get Rid Of Wildlife Infestations

No matter what kind of animal infestation you have going on at your house in Hillsborough, the ASAP Wildlife Control & Removal team will complete a high quality wildlife removal service to allow you to relax once again. Call our wildlife removal experts today to learn more about how we can get rid of those pesky critters in your home!

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