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Have you been noticing noises in your attic area? Or have you heard a rustling or pitter patter during the evening within your walls or soffit area? If so, these are clear signs that you may be experiencing a wildlife infestation. To deal with this issue once and for all, it’s time to contact the wildlife removal professionals at ASAP Wildlife Control & Removal.

Our team of animal removal professionals in Mebane, NC will work diligently to get rid of whatever wildlife has made its way into your house. Because of our years of experience removing animals from homes, continued training and high quality equipment used, you can be sure that your wildlife situation will not last for much longer.

Wildlife Removal 

Raccoon Removal in Chapel Hill NC

Many times, homeowners will attempt to solve the problem themselves, but they often run into roadblocks as the wildlife issue continues to occur. Instead of wasting money on trying to solve the issue yourself, trust our experienced team of wildlife removal experts to solve the problem right away.

No matter what kinds of wildlife issue you’re dealing with our team will solve the problem quickly and safely. We encounter many different kinds of wildlife calls on a regular basis. Whether you have troublesome raccoons forcing their way into your roof, bats making their home in your attic area or mice that found a way into your walls, our team will do what it takes to get the wildlife out of your property and return a peace of mind to you. 

While the removal process is an important first step to take, it’s important to also address the mess and entry hole they created. To solve this issue, our team will sanitize and clean all affected areas and provide exclusion services to keep the animals from reentering your home in the future.

ASAP Wildlife Control & Removal takes care of:

Dangers Of Wildlife Infestations

As these infesting critters have spent time in your attic, soffit, crawlspace, basement, or elsewhere, there is a large chance that they have damage in these areas. From ripping up insulation to chewing through wires and even destroying parts of your roof, animals can cause a great deal of damage which results in expensive repairs. Instead of waiting to get this animal removed, call us right away in order to limit the damage to your property.

Get Rid Of Nuisance Wildlife

Are you currently experiencing an annoying and damaging wildlife infestation at your home in the greater Mebane, NC area? Call the wildlife removal, control & exclusion professionals at ASAP Wildlife Control & Removal today! Our friendly service professionals will provide you with a fast and safe removal process and make sure that animals don’t come through the same entry again.

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