Bat Removal In Richmond, VA

ASAP Wildlife Control and Removal offers:

  • Bat Removal
  • Bat Control
  • Bat Exclusion
  • Bat Damage Repair & Cleanup

Bats are marvelously fascinating mammals and can be a joy to watch at dusk. However, bats can also present both a problem for your home and a health risk to you and your family. Bats can harbor a range of debilitating diseases like rabies or even types of coronaviruses. Through unintended contact with their droppings or their spores, these infections can pass to you or members of your family.

If you suspect that your Richmond, VA property has a bat infestation, the safest course of action is to call the bat removal experts at ASAP Wildlife Control and Removal. The last thing you want is your beloved family home or hard-earned business premises ruined by the presence of bats.

Our specially-trained experts can quickly, safely, and efficiently remove the bats from your property before repairing any damage caused by your intruders to give you back your peace of mind.

Where Do Bats Hide in Your Home?

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Bats are nocturnal creatures and need a dark, safe place to roost during the day. If you’ve noticed bats flying around your property at sunset, they could be roosting right above your head. Attics are a common place to find bat colonies because they are safe, enclosed spaces. Bats may also seek shelter in other areas around a building such as underneath eaves and soffits, behind window shutters, or in outbuildings. If you think your property has a bat problem, call our experienced staff at  ASAP Wildlife Control and Removal immediately.


What Do Our Bat Removal Services Do?

Our experts have had over 20 years of experience removing bats and other wild animals from properties in and around Richmond, VA. We utilize state-of-the-art tools and techniques to capture intruding animals quickly, safely, and humanely. We handle each part of the process with care and diligence, giving you absolute assurance that the job is done right.

Once our experts have removed the bat infestation, we’ll tackle the damage caused by their presence. Bats can cause a lot of damage and their droppings can make infested areas into health risks. Our team is licensed to carry out any necessary repairs as well as putting exclusion measures in place. This means animal-proofing your property against future bat incursions. We’ll also disinfect and sanitize the affected area, getting rid of the droppings and the musky odor left behind.

What Should You Do if You Discover a Bat Infestation?

If you’ve noticed signs of a bat infestation on your family or business property in the Richmond, VA region, get in touch with ASAP Wildlife Control and Removal’s expert bat removal team today. We’ll answer any queries you may have.

ASAP Wildlife Control & Removal proudly offers bat removal services in Chamberlayne, Chesterfield, Glen Allen, Lakeside, Mechanicsville, Midlothian, Short Pump, Tuckahoe, VA and other surrounding areas. 

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