Flying Squirrel Control & Removal Services in Richmond

ASAP Wildlife Control and Removal offers:

  • Flying Squirrel Removal
  • Flying Squirrel Control
  • Flying Squirrel Exclusion
  • Flying Squirrel Damage Repair & Cleanup

Flying squirrels may be cute critters but don’t let their looks fool you; these little rodents are one of the most destructive animals that can invade your home in Richmond! Smaller than other squirrel species, flying squirrels are easily distinguished by their signature ability to glide from tree to tree, though they cannot actually fly like a bat.

Unfortunately for homeowners, flying squirrels have discovered that attics are a warm, secure place in which to shelter and raise their young, especially during winter months. To make matters worse, flying squirrels often gather in large groups and reproduce very quickly. Before you know it, you can have dozens of these pesky rodents infesting your roof, gnawing on wood, chewing up wiring and insulation, and even crawling their way into your walls.

Home Removal & ExclusionFlying Squirrel Removal Services

Once your attic is infested with flying squirrels, it is vital that we get them out and keep them out before they desecrate the interior of your house. In order to remove the squirrels, we will set up traps as well as installing one-way doors which will let them leave your attic but will prevent them from popping back in. After all of the flying squirrels have been removed from your house, it’s time for us to clean up.

We will thoroughly clean and disinfect areas where the squirrels have urinated and defecated. We will also remove any pieces of insulation which have been chewed up and scattered by these pests. To make sure flying squirrels never return, we suggest patching up any holes in your attic or walls which may allow them to sneak in.

Get Flying Squirrels Out of Your House ASAP!

If flying squirrels have begun to gather in your Richmond home, don’t wait until you can see and smell the damage to seek help. Call the wildlife removal experts at ASAP Wildlife to evict those furry little pests from your attic today!

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