Groundhog Control & Removal Services in Richmond

ASAP Wildlife Control and Removal offers:

  • Groundhog Removal
  • Groundhog Control
  • Groundhog Damage Repair

Groundhogs are prodigious burrowers who play a key role in nature’s ecosystem by creating habitats which many other animals can make use of. Unfortunately, their burrowing behavior can be a nightmare for the lawns of your Richmond home!

As intelligent as they are voracious, groundhogs can consume more than a pound of vegetation quickly, chewing through even the thickest of plants with their powerful incisors. Their burrows are a major hazard to your lawn, creating unsightly dirt mounds, and hollows which may collapse if you step in the wrong place. Groundhogs are also a menace to your garden, demolishing grasses, fruits and shrubs, as well as gnawing away at tree roots.

Left unchecked, these large rodents can destroy your yard in no time.

Groundhog Removal & ExclusionGroundhog trapping services - ASAP Wildlife

If you have one or more groundhogs wreaking havoc on your yard, we will need to remove them before they cause irreparable damage to your lawn and gardens. Our first step will be to examine your yard to figure out where the groundhogs are holed up and how we can exhume them.

Once we have trapped the burrowing pests, safely and humanely, we will bring them far out into nature, where they belong, and release them. To prevent other groundhogs from making a mess of your yard, we suggest installing fencing and using animal repellent, both of which can prove effective in deterring groundhogs from dining on your plants.

Get Groundhogs Out of Your Lawn ASAP!

If you see a groundhog tunneling and munching away at your Richmond lawn, don’t wait until he’s dug in and cozy to kick him out. Give the wildlife removal specialists at ASAP Wildlife a call so we can save your yard from that burrowing varmint!

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