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Muskrats are a unique species of rodents that spend the majority of their lives in water but form their homes in burrows along the shoreline. If your house in Richmond borders a pond, lake, river or marsh, your yard may find itself home to a muskrat den, and that can be a big problem. Sudden erosion or other damage along the shoreline of your property is a warning sign that muskrats may have built a burrow there.

While living at the edge of your yard, these semiaquatic rodents can prove a major nuisance, destroying the integrity of your shoreline with their burrows, aggressively feasting on your water plants, and invading your yard to forage for additional vegetation. A family of muskrats can turn a beautiful pond into an eroded mess within weeks of moving in.

Muskrat Removal & Exclusion

Muskrat removal company

If muskrats have built a den at the edge of your pond or river, we need to get them out before they erode your shoreline beyond repair. We will come to your yard and place a live trap along the shore, where the muskrats are nesting. Once the muskrats have been captured, we will transport them to a far away body of water to make sure they don’t come swimming back to your home.

If you have a pond in your yard, we strongly encourage you to place fencing around it to make sure no more muskrats move in. If you live near a large lake or a river, your best bet is to remain vigilant to ensure a new muskrat family does not move into the pre-established burrow.

Get Muskrats Out of Your Pond ASAP!

If you see muskrats burrowing along the edge of your yard in Richmond, don’t stand by while they erode your shoreline. Bring in the wildlife removal professionals from ASAP Wildlife so we can make those destructive rodents swim somewhere else!

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