Wildlife Exclusion Experts In Richmond

chapel Hill NC bat removalHave you recently been noticing unusual damage to your house’s roofline? Have you been hearing a strange rustling in your attic area? These situations are sure signs of wildlife infestation. In order to remove these critters quickly and safely, it is important you call a professional wildlife control company right away. Here at ASAP Wildlife Control & Removal, we’re proud to serve the greater Richmond, VA community with our incredible wildlife removal services.

Experiencing an animal infestation in your home or on your property is never a fun situation. Critters such as raccoons, squirrels, rats, flying squirrels, bats and others are largely known for the damage they cause to home attics. Once they enter your attic through a builder’s gap, vent or opening in your siding they can wreak havoc by destroying your insulation, leaving feces and urine, and they can possibly gnaw through wires.

Other wildlife such as muskrats, moles, voles, beavers and groundhogs can cause immense damage to your property. Some of these critters can destroy your lawn by digging tunnels underneath your grass, cause lake shores and river banks to erode because of burrows and destroy areas of vegetation around your home and lakeshore.

If you’re needing a reliable wildlife removal specialist to get rid of and humanely trap troublesome wildlife on your property, call the wildlife control experts and ASAP Wildlife Control & Removal today!

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