Wildlife Control Professionals In Short Pump

Raccoon Removal in Chapel Hill NCWildlife infestation situations are never a good situation to experience. However, for many homeowners in the greater Short Pump area, there are many different threats that present themselves throughout every month of the year.

If your home has been affected by a wildlife infestation or you’re wanting to protect yourself from this situation happening, call Virginia’s premier wildlife control company today!

Here at ASAP Wildlife Control & Removal, our team specializes in providing top-notch wildlife removal and exclusion services for those in the greater Short Pump area. After working in this area for so many years, we understand the threats this town experiences from the surrounding wildlife. Because of our high quality continued training and first-hand experience, we are well suited to rid your home of whatever animal has made its way in.

Home Wildlife Control

Whether you’re noticing a rustling in your attic area, scratching in your walls, an unknown animal in your crawlspace or any other situation, our wildlife experts will handle the issue quickly and safely.

Many times, homeowners are experiencing a raccoon in their attic or soffit, possums in the crawlspace, bats roosting in the attic area, along with many other situations. In addition to these wildlife problems, we also address squirrels, birds, wasps, muskrats, moles, snakes, and many other creatures.

After our team has arrived at your home and removed the offending animal(s), we can then provide important remediation services as the critter likely caused a lot of damage while in your home. There are countless stories of raccoons, squirrels and mice getting into walls or attics and destroying the insulation along with leaving urine and feces behind. Additionally, after removing bats, removing the guano is very important as it can develop highly toxic spores.

Short Pump’s #1 Wildlife Control Services

No matter what kind of wildlife situation you have going on at your home in Short Pump, the team at ASAP Wildlife Control & Removal will provide you with a high quality service. Call our wildlife experts today to learn more about how we can help!

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