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Have you been hearing a rustling in your ceiling during the evening hours, or maybe noticing an increased presence of bats outside your home at night? It’s time to call the professional wildlife control specialists at ASAP Wildlife Control and Removal. Our wildlife and pest control professionals are highly trained and know the exact solution you need to rid your home of whatever creature is making its home in yours. Our high quality wildlife management company is fully insured and employs the most talented wildlife removal specialists in the area. 

Whether you are needing relief from the rustling noises in your attic at night, or the overwhelming buzzing coming from your soffit, our wildlife and pest control services will return peace and quiet to your home. For our insect removal services we provide humane bee, hornet, wasp and yellow jacket nest and hive removal and prevention services. Our wildlife removal services provide peace and quiet once again from bats, birds, groundhogs, raccoons, squirrels, and many more creatures. Contact the best animal removal and exclusion services in the Chapel Hill & Durham, NC areas by calling ASAP Wildlife Control and Removal today. Our expert wildlife removal experts will safely and efficiently rid your home or business from all your unwanted creatures.

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  • Pittsboro, NC

We are now servicing North Carolina! So if you have a situation we will come to you, ASAP!

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